Breed Neck-DP165


스티브바이가 추구하는 사운드를 위하여 디자인된 제품으로서, Breed Bridge픽업과의 조화를 위하여 만들어진 제품이다. 

Breed Bridge-Dp166과의 조합에 가장 잘 어울리는 넥용 픽업이다.


If you've seen Steve Vai play in the last few years, you may have seen him playing an Ibanez® Jem guitar with the word “Pogo” taped on the face. Steve wanted one of his instruments to have a fat, classic humbucker sound to contrast with the hotter, screaming Evolution®-equipped guitars. These are the pickups we developed for him. The neck pickup is a bit louder and fatter-sounding than the PAF Pro® pickups that Steve used on his earliest Jems. The bridge pickup is not as hot as the Evolution®, but it's got a warm and punchy mid-range coupled with a fat low end that rolls off before it can get muddy. Harmonics are easy to get, and the 4-conductor wiring coil enables cool "notch tone" coil-splitting.
Recommended For: Neck position on bolt-on trem guitars, bridge position on set-neck fixed-bridge instruments.
Tech Talk: The Breed™ is a bit louder and fatter-sounding than the PAF Pro®s that Steve used on his earliest Jems. As a neck pickup, it has more than enough power to balance with high-output bridge pickups: it will work with the Tone Zone®, Super Distortion® and Evolution® as well as The Breed™ bridge model. In the bridge position, it has a very warm, hot PAF® tone--really smooth, with nice harmonics.