Breed Bride 픽업 DP 166


Steve 바이를 위하여 특별히 고안된 픽업업으로서 따뜻하면서도 부드러운 사운드를 추구하고 있다.

Paf Pro보다 좀더 강한 사운드이면서 Evolution 보다는 좀더 부드러운 사은드특성을 가지고 있다.

브릿지용 픽업으로서 스티브바이 사운드를 좋아하는 분들의 선택에 만족스러운 결과를 얻을수있는 고급 사능드의 픽업이다.


Breed Neck용 픽업(DP165)과 가장 조화를 잘 이룰수있는 조합이 될수있다.



 If you've seen Steve Vai play in the last few years, you may have seen him playing an Ibanez® Jem guitar with the word "Pogo" taped on the face. Steve wanted one of his instruments to have a fat, classic humbucker sound to contrast with the hotter, screaming Evolution®-equipped guitars. These are the pickups we developed for him. The neck pickup is a bit louder and fatter-sounding than the PAF Pro® pickups that Steve used on his earliest Jems. The bridge pickup is not as hot as the Evolution®, but it's got a warm and punchy mid-range coupled with a fat low end that rolls off before it can get muddy. Harmonics are easy to get, and the 4-conductor wiring coil enables cool "notch tone" coil-splitting.
Recommended For: Bridge position for solid body guitars.
Tech Talk: The Breed™ was designed to warm up and smooth out the sound of 25 1/2 scale trem guitars. It's got a lot more power than a PAF®, but it also has a finer "touch" than high-output models. Picking hard will generate a lot of voltage, but a softer attack will clean up the sound of an overdriven amp.